In the News

    “In the News,” Liahona, Mar. 2010, 77–78

    In the News

    Annual Pageants Begin with Mesa

    Each year the Church sponsors five pageants across the United States. Information about each pageant is included here.

    Mesa Pageant

    The Mesa Pageant, Jesus the Christ, retells the story of Jesus Christ’s birth, ministry, selfless death, and miraculous Resurrection. The show runs March 24 to April 3. See for more information.

    Manti Pageant

    Manti’s The Mormon Miracle Pageant intertwines the stories of the Restoration of the gospel, the witness of the Book of Mormon, and the journey of the faithful pioneers to the Sanpete Valley. The show runs June 17 to 26. See for more information.

    Nauvoo Pageant

    The Nauvoo Pageant, A Tribute to Joseph Smith, celebrates the restored gospel, the prophetic mission of Joseph Smith, and the legacy of early Latter-day Saints in Nauvoo. The show runs July 6 to July 31. See for more information.

    Hill Cumorah Pageant

    The Hill Cumorah Pageant, America’s Witness for Christ, retells the Book of Mormon story, including the trials of Lehi’s family and his descendants, the climactic visit of Jesus Christ to the Americas, and Joseph Smith’s discovery of the plates. The show runs July 9 to 17. See for more information.

    Castle Valley Pageant

    The Castle Valley Pageant is an elaborate outdoor historical drama that portrays the settling of a pioneer village in Castle Dale, Utah. The show runs July 29 to August 7. For more information call 1-435-687-2403. The Castle Valley Pageant alternates every other year with the Clarkston Pageant, Martin Harris: The Man Who Knew, in Clarkston, Utah.

    Music and Cultural Arts Submissions Wanted

    This year’s deadline for members to submit original music and theatrical works to be considered for publication or performance by the Church is only a few weeks away. Submissions are due by March 31, 2010.

    Selected music is presented in the Church Music Festival, and selected scripts and poetry are shared in the Cultural Arts Submission Presentation. Occasionally works are selected for future publication on the Church Web site or in the Church magazines. Music submissions include songs, children’s songs, hymns, anthems, hymn arrangements, and instrumental and other works.

    Cultural arts submissions have been theatrical scripts including dramas, comedies, and musicals. Poetry and oratorios with performance value have also been accepted.

    The works submitted should be suitable for use in Church units, teach gospel principles in uplifting ways, be doctrinally correct, and accurate if historically based. Submissions are welcome in all languages.

    For more information and cultural arts submission guidelines, call 801-240-6492.