World Briefs

    “World Briefs,” Liahona, Mar. 2010, 79

    World Briefs

    Church Public Service Announcement Honored

    A Washington, D.C.-based advertising and marketing firm has recognized a public service announcement produced by the Church. “Swashbucklers,” a short spot on the importance of fatherhood, was recognized for its relevance, high production quality, and exceptional combination of excitement, humor, and warmth, according to the National Media Survey. The public service announcement is part of the Homefront series. It can be viewed at the MormonMessages YouTube channel, Search “swashbuckler.”

    Autism Council Recognizes Church Disabilities Web Site

    The Autism Council of Utah presented the Church with its Outstanding Organization of the Year award on October 14, 2009, in recognition of the Church’s Disabilities Resources Web site. The site offers resources for people with disabilities—such as those with hearing loss, blindness, speech disorders, learning disabilities and more—and their caregivers, family, and Church leaders. The site can be found at

    Washington Congregations Unite in Song

    More than 170 voices from six different denominations, including Latter-day Saints, joined in a performance called “An Ecumenical Musical Gathering—One Voice in Song and Praise” in Redmond, Washington, USA, in 2009. St. Jude Catholic Church hosted the ceremony—which also included Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Methodist congregations—to thank all the neighboring churches and the community for their support of Tent City 4, a local homeless camp.