Sandwich Buddies

    “Sandwich Buddies,” Liahona, Dec. 2012, 70–71

    Sandwich Buddies

    1. William hopped into the car next to Jeremy and buckled his seat belt.

      Is everybody ready for preschool?



    2. Jeremy’s mom started driving down the road, and William opened his lunch box. He pulled out a peanut butter sandwich and took a big bite.

    3. Jeremy looked at William’s sandwich. It looked yummy. Jeremy was hungry.

    4. Mom, I’m hungry. Do you have something for me to eat?

      Sorry, Jeremy. We ate before we left. I don’t have anything else.

    5. OK.

      Jeremy was sad. He wanted a sandwich too.

    6. William saw that Jeremy was sad. He pulled off a piece of his sandwich and handed it to Jeremy.

      Here you go!

    7. Thanks, William. You’re nice.

      No problem. That’s what friends are for!

    Illustrations by Scott Peck