“Comment,” Liahona, Dec. 2012, 79


    Liahona Contains Answers

    I am a member born in the Church. Sometimes I do not value the many blessings of the gospel in my life. Then as I think about these things, I know I can never thank my Heavenly Father enough for all I have. One of those blessings is the inspired Liahona magazine. It is incredible how I receive the exact answers I need each time I read it. Thank you for these messages.

    Ludmila L., age 13, Argentina

    Our Testimonies Grow

    The Liahona has changed my life and my family’s lives. It is a great tool, because from it one can learn and gain knowledge. Thanks to the magazine we are strengthened, and our testimonies of the Church grow.

    Ana Marcela Echenique Hoyos, Colombia