The Farm Boy Rides a Yamaha

Skinny shoulders blistered by the sun,
freckles prominent across his serious face,
the ten-year-old herds slow cows
toward the milking-shed.
Back and forth behind them
the eager dogs bound and skip
watching for a sign,
but he gives none.
He is wearing blue and gold,
silk and leather,
numbered helmet that glitters in the sun.
The guttural lowing of the cows
are roars from great excited crowds
of watching people.
These tufts of tussock
veering his machine aside
are hillocks on his dangerous
and lonesome victory ride,
when, the gate ahead a checkered flag,
he guns into the cloud of dust
to roar across the finish line
bettering the record time.
wiping his face
on his scarf of silk,
he bails the cows
and prepares to

[photo] Photography by Eldon Linschoten

Would I Have Known

If I had walked along the shores of Galilee
When you were there,
Would I have known
You were the prophesied Begotten Son?
The words you spoke—
Would they have touched my heart?
Would I have left my daily chores to follow you,
To listen to one more word
As you fed us the bread of life?
What feelings would have filled my heart?
Might I have doubted?
Peter, great apostle, you
Denied him thrice: had I been there
Would I have denied him thrice
Or three times more?
Now, today, I walk by faith.
I cannot see your face,
Or hear your voice as I might have then.
But the whisper of the Spirit tells:
You are the Son,
The Savior, the Redeemer,
The Father’s glory,
And, in the past pain of your forgiving heart,
My highway home.

Abish *

This must be the day …
The Lord has reasons, my father said,
why we see signs
no other Lamanite knows;
if we hold fast believing
someday he’ll show us why.
He clung to his hope
faithful to death:
Abish, the sign must not have been for me
but you.
Remember what I saw.
Be true.
Some day someone will need
to show the way.
Be there believing
and when that day comes,
you’ll know.
  •   *

    From Alma 19:16