Would I Have Known

    “Would I Have Known,” Ensign, Aug. 1977, 7

    Would I Have Known

    If I had walked along the shores of Galilee

    When you were there,

    Would I have known

    You were the prophesied Begotten Son?

    The words you spoke—

    Would they have touched my heart?

    Would I have left my daily chores to follow you,

    To listen to one more word

    As you fed us the bread of life?

    What feelings would have filled my heart?

    Might I have doubted?

    Peter, great apostle, you

    Denied him thrice: had I been there

    Would I have denied him thrice

    Or three times more?

    Now, today, I walk by faith.

    I cannot see your face,

    Or hear your voice as I might have then.

    But the whisper of the Spirit tells:

    You are the Son,

    The Savior, the Redeemer,

    The Father’s glory,

    And, in the past pain of your forgiving heart,

    My highway home.