The Farm Boy Rides a Yamaha

    “The Farm Boy Rides a Yamaha,” Ensign, Aug. 1977, 7

    The Farm Boy Rides a Yamaha

    Skinny shoulders blistered by the sun,

    freckles prominent across his serious face,

    the ten-year-old herds slow cows

    toward the milking-shed.

    Back and forth behind them

    the eager dogs bound and skip

    watching for a sign,

    but he gives none.

    He is wearing blue and gold,

    silk and leather,

    numbered helmet that glitters in the sun.

    The guttural lowing of the cows

    are roars from great excited crowds

    of watching people.

    These tufts of tussock

    veering his machine aside

    are hillocks on his dangerous

    and lonesome victory ride,

    when, the gate ahead a checkered flag,

    he guns into the cloud of dust

    to roar across the finish line

    bettering the record time.


    wiping his face

    on his scarf of silk,

    he bails the cows

    and prepares to


    Photography by Eldon Linschoten