Seattle Temple

    “Seattle Temple,” Ensign, Aug. 1977, 80

    Seattle Temple

    The Seattle Temple is still only this architect’s rendering, but bids are being accepted this summer and construction will probably start before the end of the year. No completion date has been announced.

    The temple, comprised of one level underground and the three stories above ground, will be constructed of reinforced concrete faced with white marble aggregate cast stone. A 16-foot sculptured bronze statue of the Angel Moroni will perch atop a slim 200-foot tower. Contributing to the lacy effect are “a series of eight open-air flying buttresses” and a large vertical panel of faceted art glass on the front of the temple, according to Church Architect Emil B. Fetzer, who designed the new temple.

    Pools, fountains, flower gardens, and native trees are designed to enhance the beauty of the 23 1/2-acre wooded site, which is not actually in Seattle but in the adjoining community of Bellevue.

    The 181,000 members of the Church in the temple area had formerly taken long trips to attend the temple in Alberta, Oakland, or Idaho Falls. Now it will be much easier for them to receive the blessings of frequent temple attendance.