Journal Junction

Take some time this month to read Doctrine and Covenants 1:38. Then write in your journal your feelings about prophets today.

Honoring All Year

Many people celebrate their mothers this month. You can honor your mother, grandmother, or another special woman in your life all year by showing love, serving, and lending a helping hand. Here are some things you could do:

  • Tell her you love her every day.

  • Do your chores without having to be reminded.

  • Surprise her with a homemade card.

  • Help with your younger siblings.

  • Draw her a picture.

  • Volunteer to help make a meal.

  • Get ready for bed without being asked.

What other acts of love or service can you think of?

Living next door to our grandparents gives us the opportunity to do service. Our grandma cannot get around anymore. We visit her and ask what we can do to help her. On Saturdays we clean their house. We like to help our mom fix meals for them. Our parents have taught us how to serve others. We know we are doing what Jesus would want us to do.

Shayla, Kaitlyn, Jaden, and Kandalyn B., ages 13, 12, 6, and 3, Arizona

My mom asked me to clean up the house a little. I promised I would. I was just about to turn on the computer when I remembered my promise. So I cleaned before I used the computer. My mom was proud of me. Now I try to do everything my mom asks me to do the first time.

McKenna R., age 11, Utah

When Mya’s grandma and grandpa were in a car accident, Grandpa had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. Mya went with her mom to pick up Grandma. Mya was worried about her. Grandma wasn’t hurt, but when she got into the car she started crying. Mya held out her hand and said, “Here, Grandma. This is for you.” She put a large green button into Grandma’s hand. This button was very special to Mya. It was one of her treasures. Grandma was thankful to know that Mya loved her so much she would give up her treasure. Grandma sewed the button onto a teddy bear. She calls it a “badge of love.”

Mya G., age 4, Montana

Illustrations by Brad Teare