Friends in the News

    “Friends in the News,” Friend, May 2010, 47

    Friends in the News

    Corey J., 11, Arkansas, likes to play basketball, baseball, and video games. He is kind to his three brothers and friendly to others. His favorite part of the Friend is Friends in the News.

    Kylie A., 6, Washington, likes to sing, dance, and play soccer. She enjoys reading, writing in her journal, and bearing her testimony at home. She is a big help to her mom.

    Almary, Ryan, and Bryce I., 7, 5, and 3, Utah, like helping each other and their baby brother, Tyler, who has heart problems. They know that being a family means taking care of one another and being each other’s best friends. They love reading the Friend and learning how to be more like Jesus.

    Susannah S., 8, Queensland, Australia, was recently baptized and bore her testimony at church. She likes Primary and the Faith in God program. Susie reads the Book of Mormon regularly. She saves money to send to her brother who is serving a mission. She enjoys reading, swimming, dancing, and watching movies.

    Brayden J., 8, Colorado, is the youngest of five children. He enjoys reading the Book of Mormon and watching videos about Book of Mormon stories. He likes to play outside and go on adventures. He has two nephews whom he loves very much.

    North Las Vegas Nevada Stake

    The Primary children of the North Las Vegas Nevada Stake had a special picnic and learned about Primary children around the world.

    Five Oaks Ward

    The Primary children of the Five Oaks Ward, Cedar Mill Oregon Stake, made puppets of themselves and learned that they are each a son or daughter of Heavenly Father.