Guide to the Friend

    “Guide to the Friend,” Friend, May 2010, 48

    Guide to the Friend

    Possible Ideas for Family Home Evening

    1. Read “The Note” (pages 4–5). Think about how much better Hannah would have felt if her note had said something nice about Maura. Invite family members to write nice notes to each other. You could keep your notes in your journal.

    2. Read “Modest at Any Age” (pages 8–9) and go through the Modesty Checklist on page 10. Sing the Primary song “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” (Children’s Songbook, 275) and do the actions. Make sure your clothes remain modest as you move around.

    3. Read the poem “My Mother’s Hands” (page 16). Trace the outline of your hands and draw pictures inside of ways that you help your family. Talk about your drawings and how you can help make your home a happy place.

    4. Read “Bringing the Book of Mormon to Life” (pages 18–20). There are lots of ways to bring the Book of Mormon to life! Make sock or paper-bag puppets and put on a puppet show. Or dress up and act out the stories. Don’t forget to use the scriptures!

    5. Read “A, B, C, Jesus Loves Me,” (pages 44–45). Discuss things the Savior has done to show how much He loves us. Think of ways to show the Savior that you love Him. Set a goal to do these things as a family.