Church Pageant Schedule

    “Church Pageant Schedule,” Ensign, Apr. 1995, 75

    Church Pageant Schedule

    A schedule of Church pageants has been announced for 1995. Here are performance dates and locations:

    April 8, 11–15, Mesa, Arizona—“Jesus the Christ,” Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center

    June 21–24, Independence, Missouri—“A Frontier Story—1883,” Independence Visitors’ Center

    July 6–8, 11–15, Manti, Utah—“Mormon Miracle,” Manti Temple grounds

    July 7–8, 11–15, Palmyra, New York—“America’s Witness for Christ,” Hill Cumorah

    July 7–8, 11–15, 18–22, 25–29, Oakland, California—“And It Came to Pass,” Oakland Temple grounds (tickets required)

    July 27–29, August 1–5, Castle Dale, Utah—Castle Valley Pageant, Mountain Amphitheater

    July 28–29, August 1–5, Nauvoo, Illinois—“City of Joseph,” hillside adjacent to Nauvoo Visitors’ Center

    August 11–12, 15–19, Clarkston, Utah—“Martin Harris, the Man Who Knew,” amphitheater in Clarkston cemetery (tickets required)

    December 18–25, Calgary, Alberta—Calgary Nativity Pageant, Heritage Park

    Additional details about any of the pageants may be obtained by calling (801) 240-2767 or by writing to Church Pageants, 430 West 400 North, Salt Lake City, UT 84103.

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