A Certain Slant on Light

    “A Certain Slant on Light,” Ensign, Apr. 1995, 68

    A Certain Slant on Light

    As an artist, Kenneth Richard Turner, bishop of the Columbus Ward of the Katy Texas Stake, has long been a student of the creative process.

    His study led him to Beethoven’s claim that he did not invent his melodies but wrote them down from God. “I wanted to do this same thing with my painting,” explains Ken. Before joining the Church, he sought truth everywhere. Once, while fasting for direction, he wrote on his studio wall, “I am eternal, but who am I?”

    Missionaries eventually found Ken and his wife, Nell. “The Church has given direction and meaning to my life and art,” says Ken. “I had always thought art should portray truth and that artists should live what they portray.”

    Spiritual subjects are Ken’s preference, but most of his work is commissioned, including portraits, historical paintings, and Book of Mormon scenes.

    “I believe art is a way of serving and of sharing truth,” Ken explains. “Truth is my subject in everything I paint. And I try to make it so in the way I live my life.”—Elaine Ostrander, Houston, Texas