Book Reviews

    “Book Reviews,” Friend, Nov. 1982, 8

    Book Reviews

    “Get Lost in a Book” is the theme for this year’s National Children’s Book Week, November 15–21. Help celebrate it by reading some books from this list. Your school or public librarian can help you find more good books by the same authors or on the same subjects.

    Who Comes to Your House? Margaret Hillert “Read” about people and things around you. The letter carrier, the baby-sitter, the TV repairman, the ice-cream truck, and many more are charmingly portrayed in rhythmic poetry and whimsical art.
    3–6 years

    Finger Rhymes Marc Brown Some of these rhymes are old favorites; some may be new. All have small sketches of each action as well as clever illustrations of the rhymes themselves.
    4–7 years

    Friday Night Is Papa Night Ruth A. Sonneborn Papa and his family love each other very much. You will want to read about why Papa can only come home on Friday nights. An easy-to-read book.
    4–8 years

    One, Two, Three—Ah-Choo! Marjorie N. Allen Wally was allergic to most pets. Then he got Harold. Harold was a wonderful pet, and he even won a special prize at the pet show! An easy-to-read book.
    5–8 years

    Hidden Messages Dorothy Van Woerken An easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book about how insects and animals leave hidden messages for others.
    6–8 years

    Dumb Old Casey Is a Fat Tree Barbara Bottner Casey does not get a lead in the ballet. She does get the respect of her classmates—and herself. A delightful, true-to-life story.
    6–9 years

    How Does It Feel to Be Old? Norma Farber “How does it feel to be old?/Very nice./ I don’t have to listen to parents’ advice … /Nobody’s made me cry in years./(I miss the hug coming after the tears.)”
    6 years and up

    Shark Lady Ann McGovern When she was nine years old, Eugenie Clark decided that someday she would swim with sharks. This true story tells of the many times she did, indeed, swim with sharks. She says, “I hope I will still be diving when I’m 90!”
    7–10 years

    Shoeshine Girl Clyde Robert Bulla Sarah Ida hadn’t wanted to go to her aunt’s home. And when she got there, Aunt Claudia wouldn’t give her any money. Sarah Ida needed money! She was surprised when her aunt let her be a shoeshine girl.
    7–9 years

    The Silver Pony Lynd Ward In this wordless book we ride with a farm boy on a winged pony. The things we see and do and feel help us on our flight in our own niche of the world as well as into others’.
    8–12 years

    Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George? Jean Fritz This biography of the king who lost America to the Colonists is sure to bring giggles—as well as an understanding of his problems.
    8–12 years

    Blitz Hetty Burlingame Beatty A magnificent horse, Blitz serves courageously and well for the fire department—until the accident. Then he is mistreated, his spirit is broken, and he is auctioned off as horsemeat. Blitz has a happy ending, though, and he helps to save a girl’s life.
    8–11 years

    The Goof That Won the Pennant Jonah Kalb How losers became winners is not only hilarious—it is based on a real happening in major league baseball!
    8–12 years

    Quick Wits and Nimble Fingers Bernice Wells Carlson Each international tale of outwitting robbers, genies, giants, liars, or cheats is followed by equally fascinating craft projects such as sand painting, slot sculpture, and undersea watercolor.
    8–12 years

    Plants That Move Millicent E. Selsam In this book, you will read about a flower clock that really works, plants that trap and eat insects, seeds that “swim,” and much, much more.
    9–12 years

    The Kids’ Diet Cookbook Aileen Paul An honest, straightforward approach to dieting that includes easy, tasty, nutritious recipes and that shows you can diet and still enjoy life.
    9 years and up

    Encyclopedia Brown Carries On Donald J. Sobol Another in the delightful Encyclopedia Brown series in which you try to solve the mysteries before reading how the ten-year-old wonder of Idaville solves them.
    10 years and up

    How to Be an Inventor Harvey Weiss Discusses patents, inventions, inventors, materials, and ideas, in easy-to-understand language.
    10 years and up