Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Holder

    “Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Holder,” Friend, Nov. 1982, 43

    Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Holder

    You will need: toothpaste-tube box, five plastic forks, pipe cleaners, lightweight cardboard, poster paints, paintbrush, scissors, and glue.

    Cut turkey’s feet and neck-head-beak section from cardboard and glue them to box (turkey’s body). Punch holes in back of box as illustrated. Insert pipe cleaners through holes, and fasten plastic forks to box for tail feathers.

    Paint turkey’s body brown, head-neck section white, and feet orange. Use black for eyes and claws on feet. Paint beak yellow and wattle red.

    Cut slot (3/4″ x 5″) across box for recipe cards. Cut recipes from magazines, glue them to cardboard or index storage slot. When laced in fork prongs, recipes will be easy to read.