Nursery-Rhyme Food

    “Nursery-Rhyme Food,” Friend, Nov. 1982, 26

    Nursery-Rhyme Food

    If a nursery-rhyme character were coming to dinner, would you know what to serve him? Can you match each character with his favorite dish?

    1. Little Tommy Tucker

    a. Pie

    2. Curlylocks

    b. Christmas pie

    3. Jack-a-Dandy

    c. Curds and whey

    4. Miss Muffet

    d. Roast beef

    5. Georgie Porgie

    e. Tarts

    6. Old Woman in the Shoe

    f. Pumpkin

    7. Jack Horner

    g. Pudding and pie

    8. Simple Simon

    h. Strawberries, sugar, and cream

    9. Peter Peter

    i. Plum cake and sugar candy

    10. Queen of Hearts

    j. Broth without any bread

    11. This Little Pig

    k. Bone

    12. Mother Hubbard’s dog

    l. White bread and butter


    • (1) l, (2) h, (3) i, (4)c, (5) g, (6) j, (7) b, (8) a, (9) f, (10) e, (11) d, (12) k.