Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Liahona, February 2019

    Show and Tell

    Show and Tell

    Salomé W., age 6, Quebec, Canada

    CTR 3 class in Brazil

    A CTR 3 class in São Paulo, Brazil, learned about baptismal covenants as they found messages, quotes, and scriptures in the fishes’ mouths.

    How do you let your light shine? Here are some ideas from a family in Azores, Portugal.


    By inviting people to church to become members of the Church.

    Flavio M., age 11


    Help the elderly.

    Help those who need help.

    Be nice to people.

    Always be alert.

    Lara M., age 7


    I went to the Trujillo Peru Temple with my parents and brothers. Even though I couldn’t enter, I felt at peace in that beautiful environment.

    Daniel S., age 11, La Libertad, Peru