I keep giving in to the same temptations. It’s frustrating. How can I move past those sins?

    “I keep giving in to the same temptations. It’s frustrating. How can I move past those sins?” Liahona, February 2019

    “I keep giving in to the same temptations. How can I move past those sins?”

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    Get Away from the Source of the Temptations

    If it’s your phone that you’re addicted to, try to get rid of that or get your parents to put restrictions on it. Or if your friends are the ones who are tempting you, find good friends and try to be surrounded by good people who help you feel the Spirit always. If you have the Spirit with you and you’re surrounded by good friends, then it’s easier to be able to resist the temptations. Temptations come to everyone, but as long as we resist them, then we’ll be good.

    Kolten B., age 17, Alberta, Canada

    Pray Often

    I’m a convert, and the temptations were strong for me because I had different customs from those of the Church. Little by little, I began to understand that the communication I had with my Heavenly Father strengthened me and made it easier for me to overcome everything.

    Pamela S., age 19, Llanquihue Province, Chile

    Control Your Thoughts

    Our thoughts are a gateway to our actions. Temptations, just like the melody of a song you remember, can penetrate our minds. When they come to your mind, try moving away from these thoughts by teaching yourself how to act and think. You have the power to do it!

    Taynara S., age 19, São Paulo, Brazil

    Get Support from Others

    Always stay with someone you love, like your family and close friends, who have the same standards as you. This might help you in staying away from the temptation. Involve yourself in family and Church activities, especially missionary and family history work. Don’t be frustrated; the Lord’s hand is always extended to those who have a desire to repent.

    Elder Tucay, age 20, Ghana Cape Coast Mission

    Find Comfort through Prayer

    Something I would recommend doing is praying about it. I know that answers don’t come immediately, but comfort always can. You can also find comfort by taking your mind off the thing that’s bothering you and thinking of something that makes you happy. Whatever way you find comfort, I know you can find it through Jesus Christ.

    Anna P., age 12, Utah, USA