Charting the Course for Peace

    “Charting the Course for Peace,” New Era, March 2018

    Charting the Course for Peace

    Peace in Jesus Christ is possible despite life’s many storms.

    Charting the Course for Peace

    Illustration by Adam Howling

    You’ve been on the choppy waters of life for some time now, and it can be hard. How are you supposed to steer the ship while adjusting the sails and watching for hurricanes, pirates, icebergs, and rocks? Sometimes your maps are unclear and the stars hidden. (You never could see the Big Dipper.) And yes, you’re sea sick.

    You crave a peaceful day, smooth waters, and a sandy, sunlit shore in sight. Peace may sound like a mythical isle, but did you know it’s real?

    Peace comes through comfort from the Holy Ghost and grace through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So even though wars rage, trials come, and uncertainties abound, peace is possible for you—no matter your current coordinates.

    Follow the ships’ paths on the next page to help you recognize challenges you might face and some possible choices you can make on the route to peace. Some choices will take you further from peace while others bring you closer.


    Finding peace is not a one-time adventure. Stay on the course and correct your path whenever the storm surrounds you. And always remember the Savior can still the seas (see Mark 4:36–41).