Looking at Stars

    “Looking at Stars,” New Era, March 2018

    Looking at the Stars

    The author lives in North Carolina, USA.

    starry night

    Photograph by Royce Bair

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting outside looking at the stars. I had never seen so many stars before. Seeing the stars made me wonder how some people could just not believe in God. How could something so beautiful happen by chance? And how do we so often miss the beauty that surrounds us daily and the beauty in ourselves? Well, the answer to the first question was easy for me, it can’t happen by chance. The second question was a little bit harder, so I thought it over for a while.

    After a while I realized that answer wasn’t so hard either. We miss the beauty in the world because we miss the beauty in ourselves, and we miss the beauty in ourselves when we forget who we are. I decided two things: I would remember who I am, and I would help others remember who they are.

    Somebody once said, “What difference would it make if you treated everyone as the children of God they are?” I don’t remember who said it, but I remembered it while thinking about beauty around and in us.

    For a long time I didn’t have an answer for this question. But now I know that if you treat everyone as a child of God, you remember who you are and they too are reminded of who they are. When you remember who you are, you can see the beauty around you and inside yourself.

    I think I’ll look at the stars more often.