What should I do if my friends have different standards from mine?

    “What should I do if my friends have different standards from mine?” New Era, March 2018

    “What should I do if my friends have different standards from mine?”

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    Some ideas to consider:

    • Remember that your friends are children of God, so treat them with respect and kindness.

    • Ask about their personal standards, and then explain yours and why you choose to stick to them.

    • Find common interests and activities that are consistent with your standards.

    • When you need to choose a different activity, politely decline an invitation to join in.

    Be Respectful

    Most of my friends are not LDS. Sometimes I struggle with my faith when I talk about it to them, but I pray to Heavenly Father to give me strength for them to understand my faith. I love them and still respect them even though they might have different standards from what mine might be. Love, respect and understanding are the key for a good friend relationship.

    Brandy D., 19, Maine, USA

    Let Your Light Shine

    It’s OK to have friends who have different standards from yours, but what isn’t OK is if you let them influence you to do wrong. Instead, let your light so shine that you might be the one to influence them. Stand firm in the Church’s standards, because the trends of the world change, but the standards of the Lord are unchanging.

    Trisha Z., 17, Philippines

    Be Kind

    You should be kind. As long as they know your standards, you should be able to have a good relationship with your friends.

    McKenzie B., 15, Montana, USA

    Ask for Help

    True friends will love and respect you and your standards. If your friends don’t approve, ask Heavenly Father to help you choose the right friends who will honour your beliefs.

    Kiya S., 12, England

    Treat Them Like Any Other Friend

    You should treat them with respect like you would any other friend. But you have to be mindful that you don’t participate in any activities with them that might be against your standards. If they do try to persuade you, tell them why you make different choices. If they keep trying to persuade you, then you might need to associate with other people.

    Ben B., 15, Georgia, USA