Jacob: Firstborn in the Wilderness

    “Jacob: Firstborn in the Wilderness,” Ensign, Sept. 1993, 56

    Jacob: Firstborn in the Wilderness

     (2 Ne. 2:1–3; Jacob 7:26)

    My father placed his hands upon my head

    To bless my childhood with a voice of hope.

    His words sustained my fragile spirit-thread

    Of understanding, wove a sturdy rope

    Of faith to gird me through the growing years.

    I bore my brothers’ rudeness and their slights,

    For Nephi offered safety, calmed my fears,

    And shared his strength through burdened days and nights.

    A lonesome people, tribulation-born,

    We wander in a hostile, barren land.

    Our brethren war against us. Thus we mourn

    Throughout our days in suffering by their hand.

    And yet, we know our God in mercy reigns

    And lights a path of love through all our pains.