“Replenishing,” Ensign, Sept. 1993, 57


    Like the widow

    who fed Elijah

    with her last portion of meal

    and went again

    till famine’s end

    to find her reserves

    still fresh

    I sense the echo

    of an arid vessel

    sin my own heart—

    emptied by the ravages

    of earthly existence,


    by the unkindness

    of circumstance

    and agency,

    broken, I look

    for what I count (and fear) to be

    one last portion of meal

    only to find

    like the widow of Zarephath


    when I have given all,

    He has filled my vessel

    with yet another portion,

    taking me step by step

    in a path of gratitude

    to His feet.

    Photo by FPG International