Do You Know?

    “Do You Know?” Friend, July 1985, 39

    Do You Know?

    (See 1 Ne. 16.)

    Nephi broke his steel bow! He didn’t do it on purpose, of course. His brothers’ bows were already useless for hunting, and everyone was depending on Nephi to obtain food for them with his bow.

    Even though the Lord had given them the Liahona to lead them to where they could best find food, their trials in the wilderness had been great. And now that Nephi’s bow was broken, the people were angry and were complaining against the Lord. Even Nephi’s father, Lehi, who was a prophet and who had led them from Jerusalem at the bidding of the Lord, became very discouraged and began to murmur.

    After talking to his brothers—they had hardened their hearts and complained the most—Nephi made a bow and arrow out of wood. What did he do next? Do you know?

    A. With just a wooden bow, Nephi didn’t think he could get enough food for everyone, so he decided to leave the group and travel by himself.

    B. Nephi went to his father and asked him where to hunt.

    C. Nephi got some more wood and showed his brothers how to make their own bows and arrows.

    D. Nephi checked his records of where they’d had the best luck hunting before, then went there again to find food.

    (Only one of these answers is correct.)

    Nephi went to his father and asked him where to hunt (answer B). Even though Lehi had complained against the Lord, Nephi still honored him as a prophet, the leader of the group, and the patriarch of his family. Nephi knew that, deep down, his father still honored his priesthood.

    Lehi humbled himself and prayed for guidance. The voice of the Lord told him to look at the Liahona. Many things were written on it, and the writing changed from time to time, according to the needs of the people and their faith and obedience.

    Following the directions on the Liahona, Nephi took his bow and arrow and went to the top of a mountain and slew enough wild beasts to feed everyone.