Kitchen Krafts: Creative Campfire Cooking!

    “Kitchen Krafts: Creative Campfire Cooking!” Friend, July 1985, 17

    Kitchen Krafts:

    Creative Campfire Cooking!

    Shaggy Dogs

    1 package marshmallows

    1 can chocolate ice-cream topping


    chopped walnuts

    1. Warm chocolate topping.

    2. Toast marshmallow on stick, dip in chocolate syrup, then roll in coconut and walnuts. For variation, use caramel, pineapple, or strawberry topping.

    Sugar Rolls

    1 package refrigerated dinner rolls


    brown sugar

    1. Shape individual rolls into triangles, then wrap around end of roasting sticks, sealing tightly.

    2. Toast rolls over coals until evenly browned.

    3. Carefully remove rolls from sticks and fill with butter and brown sugar. Cinnamon and white sugar may be used instead of brown sugar.

    Doughnut Delights

    1 dozen cake doughnuts

    6 milk chocolate candy bars

    ice cream

    1. Cut doughnuts in half horizontally.

    2. Place half of one candy bar between doughnut pieces.

    3. Wrap doughnuts in foil.

    4. Place on coals for two minutes on each side until chocolate is melted.

    5. Open foil and top each doughnut with scoopful of ice cream.

    Fruit Kabobs



    pineapple chunks


    maraschino cherries

    1. Slice bananas and apples.

    2. Alternate fruit with marshmallows on stick, and toast over coals until marshmallows are golden brown.

    Photos by Wes Taylor