Our Pioneer Heritage

    “Our Pioneer Heritage,” Friend, July 1985, 27

    Our Pioneer Heritage

    When Grandpa came to Utah,

    It wasn’t on a train;

    It wasn’t on a great big bus;

    It wasn’t on a plane.

    He walked across the prairies

    Or sometimes rode a horse.

    And when he felt discouraged,

    He sang a song, of course.

    When Grandma came to Utah,

    It wasn’t in a car.

    She had to drive an oxteam,

    And it was very far.

    Sometimes it was very cold;

    Sometimes it was hot.

    And when she felt like crying,

    I think she sang a lot.

    But when they got to Utah,

    They made the valleys ring!

    And even now the mountains

    Still echo what they’d sing.

    Just listen to their voices,

    And hear the truth they tell.

    Obey our Heavenly Father,

    And know that all is well.

    Illustrated by Robyn S. Officer