Blessing Quest

    “Blessing Quest,” Friend, May 2016, 24–25

    Blessing Quest

    Blessing Quest

    Our readers took pictures of things they’re grateful for. Go on your own blessing quest! Draw, take a picture, or make a video of what you find. Then send it to us!

    Extra Challenge!

    See if you can find and take a picture of something:

    • Colorful (like red, blue, or orange)

    • Textured (like rough, fuzzy, or squishy)

    • Patterned (like striped or speckled)

    • Flavored (like sweet, salty, or sour)

    I like to climb this tree. When I’m up high, I feel like I’m in heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

    Jakob W., age 6, Iowa, USA

    I took this picture before a storm. I call it “Light vs. Dark.” Jesus brings light, and Satan brings darkness. Light always overpowers darkness. If we follow Jesus Christ, we can overcome darkness too.

    Lila W., age 10, Kansas, USA

    I help our plants by watering them every day. Heavenly Father blesses us with fruits and vegetables that we can harvest to stay strong and healthy.

    Graciella Magne G., age 11, Bataan, Philippines

    I went camping and hiking and took this picture at the bottom of a canyon. It was so beautiful. I’m glad Heavenly Father created this world.

    Margo M., age 7, Alberta, Canada

    I love to walk in the garden with my family. When I see flowers and butterflies, they remind me that Heavenly Father watches over me and loves me.

    Connor K., age 6, Michigan, USA

    It is amazing that we have been blessed with something as cool as this building my family saw while visiting Ukraine. It has been standing for almost 1,000 years!

    Oliver H., age 11, Idaho, USA

    This is a sea turtle on a beach in Hawaii, USA. Each creation of our Heavenly Father is beautiful in its own way.

    Jessica J., age 12, California, USA

    These are elder flowers. My mom uses them as herbs. I love that Heavenly Father blesses us with things that help us in life.

    Jimmy S., age 11, Texas, USA

    Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gave us a temple where we can be sealed to our family.

    Madeline M., age 10, Florida, USA

    Photography Tips

    1. Move in close. Fill the whole screen with your subject. Try changing your view by kneeling down or climbing up on a chair.

    2. Follow the “rule of thirds.” Don’t put the subject in the middle of the screen. Look at the picture above. Put your subject along one of the lines or where the lines cross.

    3. Use the sun. If you’re outside, try moving around to see where the sun lights your subject best. The lighting will be better when your subject is not in shadow.