Mission Building Blocks

    “Mission Building Blocks,” Friend, May 2016, FJ8–FJ9

    Mission Building Blocks

    Two years felt so far away!

    Mission Building Blocks

    Caden hugged Uncle Brian tight. Brian was going on a mission to Brazil. Caden would miss him. He cried when they left the airport.

    When they got home, Grandma said, “I have a surprise for you.”

    Grandma gave Caden a big bag. Inside were lots of small plastic blocks. “There are 730 blocks in that bag. That’s one for each day Uncle Brian is gone.”

    Grandma handed Caden a plastic board. “You can put a new block on the board every day. When the bag is empty, Uncle Brian will be home again!” Grandma said.

    The bag was heavy. 730 blocks is a lot! Caden pulled a red block from the bag. He stuck it on a corner of the board.

    “This could be fun,” he said.

    Two years felt far away. Uncle Brian was a lot older than Caden, but he was still one of Caden’s best friends.

    Caden took the board and bag to his room. Then he knelt down. He asked Heavenly Father to keep Uncle Brian safe.

    Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Then months became two years! The tower had red, blue, green, and yellow blocks. It was so tall!

    Finally it was time for Uncle Brian to come home. Caden took his block tower to the airport to meet him. Everyone hugged. Caden smiled so hard his cheeks hurt.

    Uncle Brian looked at Caden’s block building. “Look what you made! It looks almost as big as you.”

    “It is!” Caden smiled. “And when I get bigger, I’m going on a mission too.”