Meet Elder Quentin L. Cook

    “Meet Elder Quentin L. Cook,” Friend, May 2016, 17

    Meet Elder Quentin L. Cook

    He was born on September 8, 1940. He grew up in Logan, Utah, USA.

    He rescued a friend’s boots during a fire drill when he was in first grade. Quentin said, “I didn’t want his feet to be cold in the snow.”

    When he was 15 years old, he talked with his older brother about building a testimony of his own. He decided to go on a mission when he was old enough. Later he served in the British Mission.

    Quentin was a good athlete in high school. He played basketball, football, baseball, and ran with the track team.

    He and his wife, Mary Gaddie, were married in the Logan Utah Temple. They have three children.

    He set a good example for a man he worked with by not drinking any alcohol at a party. The man could tell that Elder Cook was a Latter-day Saint because of his good choices.