Funstuff: The Silliest Camping Trip Ever

    “Funstuff: The Silliest Camping Trip Ever,” Friend, May 2016, 37


    The Silliest Camping Trip Ever

    Funstuff: The Silliest Camping Trip Ever

    Don’t read the story yet! First fill in all the blanks, and then read it out loud with your family. Dare you not to laugh!

    Once upon a time a family went on a camping trip. Along the way, they got lost in the forest and ended up at the wrong camp.

    “What a funny name,” Dad said, reading the sign.

    Welcome to Camp ____________________ (adjective) ___________________ (animal).

    “We made it!” Mom said. “I’m so glad we’re done __________________ (verb ending in ‘ing’). I thought we’d be stuck in our _________________ (noun) forever!”

    “Yeah,” Joe said. “I’m so ___________________ (adjective) I could eat a ________________ (noun).

    They soon found out that this camp wasn’t what they expected. The cabins were made out of large ______________________ (type of food), and the lake was full of ______________________ (favorite soda or juice).

    “Let’s go fishing!” Rachel said. They went to the lake with their poles and caught lots of ___________________ (adjective) ______________________ (plural noun) for dinner.

    Later that night, the camp host stopped by and told them a campfire story. It was about ________ (number)-eyed Pete, a sneaky pirate who liked to steal ____________________ (item of clothing, plural) when campers weren’t looking and sew them into sails for his __________________ (adjective) pirate ship.

    That night the family slept to the sound of _____________________ (large animal, plural) chirping in the trees. In the morning they woke up, ate breakfast, and went for a ______________________ (verb) through the ____________________ (adjective) forest.

    “This is the silliest vacation ever!” Joe said. “But I wouldn’t change a thing.”

    “Me neither,” said Rachel. “Now let’s grab our fishing poles. I want to catch some more ________________ (plural noun)!”