Light the World Campaign Successfully Launched in Sierra Leone


    Light the World Campaign Successfully Launched in Sierra Leone

    Light the World is a global campaign which extends an invitation to people to approach the Christmas season with a renewed focus on service and help give their time, love, and resources as Jesus gave.

    The event, themed “Give as He Gave,” pulled participants from government institutions, religious leaders, media owners and practitioners, and academics.

    Rev. Dr. Usman J. Fornah, Secretary General of the Inter Religious Council, commended the Church for its humanitarian support to institutions and individuals around the world.

    Touching on the theme for the Light the World campaign, he said, “Your theme, ‘Give as He Gave,’ is the most appropriate theme, I think every church can use. If God can give His only Son Jesus to die for our sins, what else can we not give to others?”

    “Each time you put a smile on the face of someone else, you are putting a smile on God’s face. The month of December is a month of giving,” he added.

    President Clawson, mission president for the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission, in his address explained that the campaign was being launched to enable members and nonmembers participate in the spreading of goodwill around the world.

    He further noted that if people should participate in the structured campaign which is light the world, light your community, light your family, and light your faith, individuals who have lost hope will have smiles on their faces.

    The Milton Margai School for the Blind and King George’s Sixth Home were first to benefit from the campaign when assorted gifts were presented to them by representatives of the Church. In appreciation of the gesture, Mr. Kamara, Deputy Head Teacher for the school, expressed gratitude to the Church for the donation and the invitation to witness the event.

    “We know that the money is coming from various pockets, and we pray that the Lord may replenish more and more. On behalf of the committee of management, head teacher, staff, and pupils of the school, I want to say thank you and I hope this will not be the end of our friendship,” he said.