“Mirthright,” Ensign, June 1978, 49


    The highway on which we were traveling to Salt Lake City for general conference seemed especially crowded with vehicles, their occupants appearing as road-weary and as bored as we were. Suddenly a vanload of smiling, waving young people drew alongside us, and the youth held up a sign that asked, “LDS too?” We happily waved back as the van gradually pulled alongside other cars, repeating the same happy process. The remainder of our journey was brightened by our anticipation of the joy and the spirit of conference.

    Richard Howard
    LaVerkin, Utah

    For an upcoming homemaking day in Relief Society, we had been asked to bring an orange, a box of whole cloves, and a piece of string to make a pomander ball. The orange, suspended on string, is completely covered with cloves, and when it dries it gives off a pleasant, spicy fragrance.

    I asked my husband if he would pick up the needed items on his way home from work. When he arrived home, he said, “I got your cloves and the string, but I couldn’t find any oranges. I got you a banana instead.”

    Rebecca Waetford
    Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

    I entered the mission field expecting changes in my life-style, but the biggest challenge has been finding a bed long enough for my 6′ 7″ body. However, while reading the Old Testament I was comforted by knowing that Isaiah had foreseen my problem. He wrote, “For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it.” (Isa. 28:20.)

    Richard Green Wallace
    Italy Milan Mission

    While tracting in Minden, Germany, we introduced ourselves at the home of an elderly lady. “Nay, nay, “she protested, “Ich bin Römisch Katholisch.”

    My companion quickly replied, “Das ist okay, wir sind Salt-Lakisch Mormonisch!”

    She let us in.

    Karl M. Sala
    Dusseldorf, West Germany

    Some years ago when my husband Charles Seymour, was a bishop, a telephone caller asked him, “What time do you hold priesthood meeting?” Upon receiving an answer, the caller continued, “How about Sunday School?” and then, “What time is sacrament meeting? “When is MIA?”

    My husband’s missionary impulses began to grow as he thought that here was someone really interested in the Church. He said “May I ask who is calling?”

    “This is the other Charles Seymour. I thought I might as well be able to answer questions when people mistakenly call me for you.”

    Mrs. Charles Seymour
    Stockton, California

    As my wife rummaged under the couch for our two-year-old’s missing shoes, I heard her exasperated mutter, “They must have been barefoot in the premortal world”

    James Ellison
    Santa Rosa, California

    As the librarian of a small South Carolina branch, I was checking our general shipment of supplies from Salt Lake City. We were one family home evening manual short, but in its place was a telephone directory from northeastern Wyoming!

    Shauna Stephenson
    Clemson, South Carolina

    While substituting for a Sunday School teacher, I was delighted with the attention I received from my young students as they watched me, seemingly spellbound during my presentation. My feeling of accomplishment was short-lived, however, when a young boy said, “Teacher, did you know that when you talk, that little butterfly on your necklace bobs up and down?”

    D. Louise Brown
    Logan, Utah

    “Did you hear about the mathematician who started doing his genealogy? Found out he had square roots.”

    Mark L. Hall
    Anacortes, Washington

    Illustrated by Michael O. Rogan