Relief Society Readies Nauvoo Monument Dedication

    “Relief Society Readies Nauvoo Monument Dedication,” Ensign, June 1978, 76

    Relief Society Readies Nauvoo Monument Dedication

    The Relief Society Monument to Women, a statuary park at Nauvoo, Illinois, will be dedicated June 28 through 30.

    Members of the First Presidency will offer dedicatory prayers.

    Housing within a fifty-mile radius of Nauvoo has been reserved for the 7,500 Relief Society members who have been given tickets to attend the three-day dedication activities. Families of those invited and other tourists should be aware that a housing shortage exists for these three days and lodging accommodations will be available only at considerable distance from Nauvoo. Any surplus lodging will be released to the general public after invited guests are accommodated.

    Facilities for campers are also very scarce in the Nauvoo area and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Ticketed guests will receive priority in visiting the restored buildings in Nauvoo during certain periods of the day.

    Commemorative activities will begin June 27 with a tour of the park for several hundred specially invited guests. These guests will be honored at a dinner and will attend the premiere of an outdoor production, Because of Elizabeth, by Moana B. Bennett of Salt Lake City. The pageant will be shown nightly to the public June 26–July 1.