Stakes Top 900, Head toward 1000

    “Stakes Top 900, Head toward 1000,” Ensign, June 1978, 76

    Stakes Top 900, Head toward 1000

    On March 19 the Spanish Fork Utah Palmyra Stake was split to form two stakes. And when that happened, the 900th stake of the Church was formed. The same day, the new Cedar City Utah North Stake became number 901.

    The new stakes were among fifteen formed during the first three months of 1978. All of the new stakes were formed from divisions of existing stakes.

    Other new stakes formed during the first quarter of 1978 were Columbus Georgia, Trujillo Peru, Camp Verde Arizona, West Columbia South Carolina, Montevideo Uruguay North, Salt Lake Holladay North, Curitiba Brazil South, Brisbane Australia South, Pleasant Grove Utah East, St. George Utah West, Blanding Utah, West Maricopa Arizona, and Puebla Mexico Popocateptl.

    1978 Stake Growth