Voices from the Dust

    “Voices from the Dust,” Ensign, June 1978, 29

    Voices from the Dust

    I cannot clean this chalk-board.

    No matter how I rub,

    my scribbles from lessons past

    still faintly proclaim

    my teaching of you.

    Nephi, Lehi, Moroni:

    All speak indisputably,

    indeed, indelibly,

    voices from the dust

    of colored chalks

    that daily coat my fingers

    (and, I hope, your hearts).

    Reading these reminders

    of long-gone lessons

    I recognize principles

    we probed together

    in our learning.

    How I hope their meanings linger,

    mapped upon your memories

    as stubbornly as they challenge

    my efforts to erase them

    from the dust

    upon my chalk-board

    this late morning.