Charity Never Fails

    “Charity Never Fails,” Ensign, June 1978, 29

    Charity Never Fails

    Like the freshening of rainfall on the parching ground

    Or the early warming sun in winter’s cold,

    So is charity a miracle to thirsting hearts,

    And the gift of love a blessedness untold.

    For love is patience, love is kindness,

    Love is sharing hand and heart;

    Love is thoughtfulness of others;

    Love is the never-failing part.

    Charity means being humble,

    Bringing ease to others’ hurt;

    Charity is never failing;

    Charity brings peace of heart.

    Like the fragrance of the blossom in the early spring,

    Like the bloom that bursts in beauty all around,

    So is sharing and forgiving and a gladdened soul,

    Where hope and faith and charity abound.