Forever Brothers

    “Forever Brothers,” Friend, July 2016, 40–41

    Forever Brothers

    Caleb wanted to be with his new brother forever.

    Forever Brothers

    Markus sat in the temple with his new family. They were all dressed in white. Now that Markus was adopted, he was so excited to be sealed to his family!

    Brother Ray stood up. He was the temple sealer. “This is a big day,” he said. “Do you know why?”

    “Now we can be together forever,” Markus said. He looked at his parents and his big brother, Caleb.

    “That’s right,” Brother Ray said. “In the temple we seal families forever.” He looked at Caleb. He asked, “Do you know how we can do that?”

    Caleb smiled. “With the priesthood,” he said.

    “That’s right. Heavenly Father gives us His power. We use it to bless people in big ways and little ways.”

    The family knelt down. Caleb was already sealed to his parents. He watched while Markus was sealed to them too.

    The sealing ended. Dad pointed to two mirrors. They faced each other across the room. “How far can you see in that mirror?” he asked.

    Markus stood up tall. He saw his family in the mirror. He saw them over and over again. “Forever and ever!” he said.

    “Our family can be forever too. Isn’t that right, Caleb?” Dad said. “Now you and Markus can be forever brothers!”

    “Yeah.” Caleb put an arm around Markus. “I waited a long time for a brother. I want to keep him forever!”