Your Path to Heavenly Father

    “Your Path to Heavenly Father,” Friend, July 2016, 24–25

    Your Path to Heavenly Father

    Your Path to Heavenly Father
    game cards

    Your path back to Heavenly Father has some necessary steps. It also has other experiences that are not necessary but that help you learn. Find out more as you play this fun game!

    You will need

    • a die

    • a game piece for each player (a bead, button, or candy)

    • a “My Path to Heavenly Father” card for each player (see below or print extras at


    1. Start from any bootprint on the board.

    2. For each turn, roll the die and move that many squares. You can move in all directions in a turn, including diagonally.

    3. When you land on a colored square, mark it off on your card. Collect all the “Steps to Salvation,” then see how many “Other Experiences” you can get.

    4. When everyone has collected all of their “Steps to Salvation,” have all the players move to any bootprint to finish the game.

    My Path to Heavenly Father

    Steps to Salvation

    • Premortal life

    • Get a body

    • Be baptized

    • Receive the Holy Ghost

    • Take the sacrament

    • Keep the commandments

    • Go to the temple

    • Be sealed to your husband or wife

    • Be resurrected

    Other Experiences

    • Go to school

    • Learn to ride a bike

    • Lose a tooth

    • Tie your shoes

    • Make a friend

    • Read a book

    • Play sports or games

    • Share your toys