Matt and Mandy

    “Matt and Mandy,” Friend, July 2016, 38

    Matt and Mandy

    Matt and Mandy

    Oh, wow! It’s an email from my second-cousin Miranda!

    We were good friends until her family moved away and we lost touch. But she found me.

    She lives in Australia now. …

    … has twins Matt’s age. …

    And … no way!

    Their names are Max and Mindy.

    Wow! Australia! Twins. Max and Mindy? Wonder if they have a kangaroo.

    Can we email them back?

    Do we have more cousins we don’t know about? In Japan? Mexico?

    Hey, there’s a good Sunday activity! We’ll go online to and learn more about our family.

    England? Antarctica?

    Maybe I can learn which came first—the rubber chicken or the rubber egg.

    What can you learn about your family?