Growing Testimonies—and Mission Funds

    “Growing Testimonies—and Mission Funds,” Ensign, Feb. 2011, 73

    Growing Testimonies—and Mission Funds

    Luiz and Andreia Pereira, São Paulo, Brazil

    After hearing Church leaders encourage youth to save money for full-time missions, we held a special family home evening with our two children, 10-year-old Allana, and 7-year-old Ulric. We discussed the importance of saving for a full-time mission, then presented them with piggy banks to help them begin saving.

    After that evening it was incredible how the money has accumulated. Ulric collects and saves every coin he can find; both children save any money they receive from relatives. In three months Ulric has saved enough to pay for the first month of his mission, and Allana is almost there. The children also make sure to pay tithing on the money they receive, and our family has seen great blessings as their testimonies of serving and sacrificing have taken root and grown.

    Illustration by Beth Whittaker