Helps for Home Evening

    “Helps for Home Evening,” Ensign, Feb. 2011, 73

    Helps for Home Evening

    “The Power of Early Preparation,” page 18: After sharing the article with your family, reread the statement: “The secret [to success] is to start early, be consistent, plan for life’s demands, focus on eternal truths, and study the gospel—especially the Book of Mormon.” Discuss how these principles might benefit your family and how you can implement them. Consider setting a goal to regularly read the Book of Mormon together.

    “Finding Answers,” page 28: After reading the article discuss how, with the help of the Lord, we should try and solve our own problems. Ask the following questions: How does the Holy Ghost “reveal things to and through” us? How can we feel more confident that we are asking the right questions? Share additional insights from the article as needed.

    Questions & Answers, page 36: Share excerpts from this article that you feel apply to your family. Then consider making a list of what the “Lord requires of us,” and set a goal as a family to focus on the needful things first.