The Gospel—a Gift to Share

    “The Gospel—a Gift to Share,” Ensign, Feb. 2011, 6


    The Gospel—a Gift to Share

    The word gospel means all the teachings and ordinances given to us by Jesus Christ and His prophets. The gospel is like a basket filled with gifts from Heavenly Father. You can help give these gifts to other people. With whom could you share the gift of the gospel?

    Match the scripture verses with the pictures of some of the gifts that are included in the gospel. Write on each picture the number of its matching scripture.

    scripture matching activity

    Illustrations by Dilleen Marsh

    1. James 5:14–15

    2. Mosiah 16:6–7

    3. 3 Nephi 18:1–10

    4. D&C 20:72–73

    5. D&C 33:16

    6. D&C 89:4, 18–21

    7. D&C 132:46

    8. D&C 137:10

    9. D&C 138:32–34