In Other Church Magazines

    “In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Feb. 2011, 79

    In Other Church Magazines

    The New Era


    How should a young person treat a friend who has had a death in the family? The article entitled “When I Became Invisible” on page 8 tells of one young girl’s experiences both as the one in need of comfort when her baby sister dies and then being in the position to comfort a friend when her friend loses her mother.

    Ballroom Dancing

    “Dancing Ballroom” on page 24 is an uplifting report of a young lady involved in teaching special needs teens to ballroom dance with the help of volunteer dancers. Her concern expanded from her handicapped twin sisters to those who never had a chance to dance.

    Plague of Pornography

    “The Secret Enemy” on page 28 warns of the addictive nature of pornography and the continuing problem young people face with the pervasiveness of this modern-day plague.

    The Friend

    Absent Parent

    Children everywhere must deal with the extended absence of a parent from time to time, due to responsibilities such as military service or business trips. Read “Sharing Love with Families Far Away” on page 24 to read about what families do to stay close to one another, even when a parent is far away.

    One in a Million

    Did you know there are about one million Primary children spread across the world? Get the text and music for the song “One in a Million!” on page 7. Then go online to to download the music and check out the Friend’s new “One in a Million” feature, which allows children to learn about other Primary children across the world.